About Me

I am a simple girl. I laugh alot and I smile alot and I love life. I love the Lord and I mess up alot, but I strive everyday to be more like Him.
My goal is to show others Him, by living my life as an example of love and grace.

I like dogs, not cats. I have 2 Siberian Husky dogs, Scout & Yankee. I like to be outdoors, wear flip flops, go fishing, get a foot massage, get a pedicure, all things shoes, Disneyland, traveling, watching game shows, going shopping, watching sports on TV, college women’s softball, being with my family, Arizona, Diet Coke, watching my husband lead worship.

I don’t have any children, yet! That is my greatest desire right now in life. We have been trying for over 7 years now and have not been successful. We have been going through the adoption process, but due to finances we have been held back a little in the process. We know that God has a special child out there for us and we can not wait to meet him/her when the time is right.


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