What a difference a year makes!

One year ago today, November 12th, Jon and I were driving a 26′ truck with everything we owned packed inside, followed by our personal vehicle with 2 dogs in tow. We moved to Cedar Falls, IA that day. We pulled into the driveway, at exactly midnight, of a house we had never seen before, that we were calling our new home. We were a little apprehensive, but excited and grateful for a house to call our own to live in.

The next day, our task was to unload our belongings and start making the house our home. Jon started at Prairie Lakes Church just 2 days later and I was left with the task of “setting up house”. I was lonely and wondered what the heck we were doing in Iowa by ourselves! We didn’t know anybody and the holidays came and went and we were stuck by ourselves with nobody to celebrate with but each other. And it was stinkin’ cold!

Well, a year later I think about what it would be like if we weren’t in Iowa right now. God has provided for us beyond our expectations. He has blessed us with a house to live in, a church to be a part of, jobs that we are both absolutely passionate about and love doing, and friends that we consider family.

It’s been a year for us to rely, not on ourselves, but God alone! He is the one that guides our steps and our every days. I am just so grateful that even though I would not of thought Jon and I should move to Iowa that He did and we are.

Thank you Lord for bringing us to Cedar Falls, IA. We are so grateful, hopeful and ask that we would be able to bring a child into our home soon.


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