Facebook Fast Complete Success

Now that I am done with my 3 week FB Fast I want to share what I experienced.

1) I do NOT need FB as much as I thought I did.

2) I read my Bible more and spent more time in prayer. It was a great experience and I enjoyed the time of focus. I found myself, and still do, reading more and praying without ceasing!

3) The weeks/days leading up to Easter were amazing.  It started with Good Friday evening with a time of praise and worship that set the stage and prepared our hearts for the weekend. It was amazing!  The weeks leading up to it I prayed for people to come to the new PLC-Waterloo Campus that opened on Easter Sunday.  Not only did they come, but 340 people came, PRAISE JESUS!  But wait, It gets better folks- a total of 4000 people came to PLC- between the Cedar Falls and Waterloo campuses and over 100 people stepped over the faith line- that means they came to know Jesus! It was amazing to see people take that step.

Jon and I are so overwhelmed to be a part of what God is doing in Iowa. That God chose us to be a part of something bigger than what either of us will ever be. Take a gander at the pictures and Good Fridayservice, enjoy!


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One response to “Facebook Fast Complete Success

  1. If FB= facebook, kudos! I wonder if I’m am not too hooked into it myself at times. Praise be to God you spent the time growing closer to Him! Blessings,


    Thorns and Myrtles

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