My 30th Birth Day

Today is my 30th birthday. I’m used to being around my family and celebrating with lots of family members who share birthdays. Even though it’s not that this year, this birthday has been just super! The night before I went to my friend, Summer’s house for a delicious dinner and homemade cheesecake! It was fantastic and I enjoyed it very much- thanks Summer, Siendra and Sayla. Today I went to work, and since I’m the receptionist, once it was made known it was my birthday, everyone wished me a happy birthday. For lunch, 9 of us went to “BarnHappy” which was a huge barn made into a quaint cafe style and shop. It was fantastic and I enjoyed the company even if they played the loonngeessst happy birthday song EVER and made me dance while it played while everyone else clapped and sang. Good Times!!! The last part was the best when my friend Shari told me that there is a Red Robin close by. Sooo pumped for this. Jon and I drove to Cedar Rapids to eat dinner at Red Robin and spend my gift cards at Kohls and Target.  Sooo good and fun! Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special. Also, I have been getting an email showing me all my FB wall posts of my Happy Birthday posts (Jon went in and changed my setting just for today because he wanting me to see all my bd wishes) Thank you for all my Birthday wishes! I am so grateful for my 30 years of healthy, fun, loved, and blessed life.


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  1. Christie

    Happy Birthday Michelle!!!!! Luv ya and miss ya 🙂 Glad you had such a great day.


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