Week Two

I made it through week 2 of my FB fast. It was a very busy and full week. I didn’t miss FB much at all. It is amazing how when you take a break from something, that you don’t think you could live without, how it gets easier over time to actually go on without it. Anyways, this week was full with Jon’s family visiting, getting our completed home study in the mail, mailing off 6 applications for grants for our adoption, and setting up PLC-Waterloo at Hoover Middle School for the very first time ever! So many things happening and God is evident in all of it. I love seeing God work in my daily life’s happenings. Jon and I were blessed by a few friends this week so we were able to pay our $500 fee. Thanks you & Praise Jesus! Now, we are trying to be creative and come up with ideas to raise $3000. Please pray for us that we will not grow weary and keep our trust and hope in God and not of ourselves. This week is another big one. It’s our first service tomorrow morning, my 30th birthday week, and then Easter- YEA! So excited and I hope you are planning on going to a service to hear about what Jesus did for all of us.


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