At our staff meeting at PLC last Monday, we were challenged to FAST for 3 weeks, leading up to Easter Sunday.  I know most FASTs are done from food, but I have felt a strong nudge from God, even before this challenge to do this. I have never been one to do this and  I’ve tried to come up with every excuse possible to not do this.  However, I know I need to obey.  I have an “addiction” to picking up my iPhone and checking Facebook. Sometimes it is for 10 seconds and sometimes it last hours.  So, I am going to fast from Facebook for the next 3 weeks. I am taking the FB app off my iPhone and replacing it with the YouVersion Bible app in its exact place.  Then, when I pick up my phone to check FB it won’t be there and I will spend my time reading my daily readings and praying.  I am really excited about it, but I’m scared at the same time. I know it sounds silly to most, but this really has been a way for me to feel connected to friends and not feel as lonely as I feel sometimes.  I am not going away forever, but am going to use my FB time to read and connect with God through His word and pray.  If you do want to connect with me you can e-mail still, check my blog,  and I will still have my phone, but just not the FB app.  Please pray for me, and are you spending time on FB that you should be spending with God?  I know, not an easy question to answer, but maybe it’s time for you to FAST!



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2 responses to “FASTING

  1. Brooke Trent

    THANKS for your post about this. I was just checking Facebook before I went to bed….by checking Facebook, I mean wasting 30 minutes….I could be reading my devotion! Thanks for the nudge & encouragement!!!

  2. Mary Lou Lloyd

    I’m so proud of you!

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