8 years

8 years ago today Jon and I were married at 3:00pm.  I love telling our story of how we met, dated, engaged, and married all in a matter of 10 months.  I never was one to believe that it was possible. Silly me! It was an immediate connection and all within a matter of days we knew that we were going to get married.  January 1st, 2002 was the best day.  The day that two families and lots of friends from AZ and IN (and other midwestern states) came together to celebrate the unity of Jon and Michelle.  I reminisce of the past 8 years and it makes me smile. Boy do we know how to have FUN & enjoy life!  We have moved (and lived in more houses) more times than most people move in their entire life, we have been a part of some incredible churches, fostered some special kids together, traveled to some pretty cool places, have had our struggles along the way, but have stuck together to see the blessings and how the Lord has guided us.  I am so incredibly thankful that God gave me Jon to be my best friend, husband, and soul mate to experience life and to grow old with!  I love you Jonathan David, I can’t wait to see what the year(s) ahead has in store for us.


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