This year Christmas was a very simple, quiet one.  Jon and I stayed in Iowa this year.  We moved here just 6 weeks prior and with his new job and still trying to get back on our feet financially we found it best to stay home.  So, it was just us. The only gifts we had were ones sent from family. It was very quiet and helped us to focus on the One that is the most important, Jesus!  I missed the full house of people, too much food to even eat, trying to talk to the person beside you by talking very loudly, and the kids nagging-I mean asking me to play with them.  Jon and I are so very blessed by family, friends, and people we have just met or don’t even know.  It never ceases to amaze me how God provides and brings people in my path exactly when it’s needed.  We are thankful and hope to be able to bless others the way we have been blessed!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and were able to focus on the true reason why we celebrate.  Now- on to the new year(it’s our 8th anniversary on Friday, so excited to celebrate with my love)


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