A few Firsts

Moving to Iowa, I have experienced quite a few firsts in my life.

1. watching it snow 15″ all in about 24 hours!

2. shoveling my own drive way 2x in one day!

3. taking my dogs out on a leash to go potty (when it’s -15 degrees outside)!

4. wearing socks all day

5. going out and starting my vehicle 10 minutes before leaving to go somewhere.

6. making hot apple cider every night, not because I like it, but because I need it!

7. not living by any family (Jon’s or mine)

8. saying “goodbye hunnee, have a good day” as Jon leaves for work and I’m at home.

9. not working, but doing laundry, dishes, and having dinner ready when Jon comes home.

10. not being involved in children’s ministry leadership role.

Some of them are easy to embrace and others I am learning to embrace as I know God has brought us here for some of these exact reasons. I am learning, and allowing God to mold me and show me exactly what He wants me to do or not to do. My own desires and what I think are “my personality” are what I am allowing God to work through me and reveal to me what is next for me. It is scary, but exciting to venture into a new town, state, culture, and ministry. I can not wait to meet new people and share life with others.



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3 responses to “A few Firsts

  1. Christie


    Some of the weather ones I cannot even imagine. I’m so glad things are working out for you guys, it sounds like it is an adventure 🙂 Miss ya!!


  2. Tracy

    Oh Midwest winters!!!! I soooooooo miss them-believe it or not. So many winter of 5 feet plus of snow and frigid temps!! I remember having 3 days off of school my Junior year because with windchill it was close to -90!!! You can add that to your “firsts” list too….telling temp not by actual temperature but by windchill! The “feels like” temp.

    Enjoy your winter…I sure do miss them!

  3. Ellen

    We could fix that children’s ministry thing for you!!!!! 🙂 🙂 Loved learning lots about you through the blog. Thanks for sharing.

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