A long journey of Waiting

Jon and I were on a 16 month journey.  We were both without jobs, living with his parents, and sold quite a few of our “things” to help pay bills.  There were times that we wondered if our prayers and cry out to God were being heard, and if He cared.  We waited and continued to pray and ask God to lead us to the church He wanted us to be a part of.  Some of the signs and reassurance we felt was the support we got from our parents, siblings, and friends.  We would be down to our last .23 cents in our account and a bill due the next day, but in the mail we would have a card with a check for the amount of the bill and a little more to help with food.  We never went without, and even realized that our “things” were just stuff.

Well, our journey is not over, but we have started a new chapter. We moved to Cedar Falls/Waterloo, Iowa on November 12th and Jon started his new job at Prairie Lakes Church on November 16th.  He is the music director at PLC-Waterloo Campus. He is full-time and for the first time in our (almost) 8 years of marriage I am able to stay at home.  It is a strange feeling for me not to have to be somewhere, but be tending to the laundry, dishes, vacuum etc.. It is an adjustment, and I think I might just like it 🙂

That brings us to our waiting of wanting to have a child.  We are really hoping to have a child- either naturally or through adoption.  We know that it will happen and it is in God’s timing, it’s just the waiting that makes it hard.

Some things I have learned through the journey are:

*God knows what He is doing, He cares for me, and does not forget about me. He loves us and knows exactly what He is doing.

*I must remain faithful, even in the small things.

* Pray. Pray. Pray. Never stop praying!

* My stuff that I have is just that. STUFF!

* My/Our families are amazing and I am so thankful for them.

* My husband, Jon, is the best and is truly amazing.

* Sometimes the dollar menu at McDonalds is the cheapest way to have dinner.

* Aldi’s (grocery store) really is a lot cheaper to shop at for groceries.

* I want to be more generous towards people that don’t have enough, because there is a reason they don’t have enough, and it isn’t always because of lack of trying.

Jon and I are so excited to be in Iowa and be a part of Prairie Lakes Church.  We are looking forward to making friends and to start sharing life with others.  Thanks to those who have prayed for us and please continue to pray as we are just beginning this new chapter in our lives.


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