Lessons learned in a food line

Posted by Perry Noble dot com
Sep 9, 2009 6:25:06 AM

“I personally believe that if church leaders are going to LEAD their churches to accomplish their full potential we are going to have to stop begging God for more opportunities and actually begin to maximize the ones He has already placed in front of us.

Why would He trust us with what’s “next” if He can’t trust us with what’s now?

I thought about this on Monday as Lucretia, Charisse and I headed to a buffet restaurant for lunch…which apparently the rest of our city had decided to do as well.

We walked in the door and the line was REALLY backed up. The lady at the cash register was trying her best to get people through the line (had to pay before you ate) but people were coming in faster than she could get them through.

Then a dude behind the counter yelled out, “I just opened up this cash register and can help someone if you would like to walk over here.”

Nobody moved…literally…everyone just stood there and looked at everyone else like the guy had just spoke a foreign language or something…

So…after several seconds I took Lucretia by the hand and walked her around the entire line right up to the dudes register where we paid and proceeded to the dining room.

As I looked back there were at least five people who were giving me looks that told me to go to a place that I can’t go because of what Jesus has done for me!

Then these thoughts about opportunity hit me…

#1 – Some people miss opportunities because they are not paying attention.

#2 – Some people see opportunities but are afraid to embrace them because it would mean they need to make a move.

#3 – When you seize an opportunity many times the people who will criticize you the most are the ones who saw the same opportunity but decided to do nothing about it.

So…my question to you is…what opportunity has the Lord put directly in front of you that you are choosing to observe rather than act on?

When you hear His voice…when He calls you to action…THAT is the time to make a move.

Everyone won’t understand…you will pass people who had the same opportunity…but your obsession MUST be with HIM and not THEM!!!

We live in a world that is full of opportunity…my prayer is that God will continually open my eyes to what He’s already placed in front of me that I may always maximize this life that He’s blessed me with!


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