365 days-52 weeks-8,760 hours-525,600minutes-31,536,000seconds

is how long it’s been since Jon and I have been without jobs.  An entire school year has started and let out since I have had a job. This day last year was the last church service for Journey Church. I resigned from teaching with the thought of “we will have a new place to move to soon…”  Well, that is what WE thought.  Little did we know that is not what God had in mind for us.  It has been a very long 12 months-365 days-….  to say the least.  It has been hard to pay our bills, pay for gas, pay for car maintence on our own.  We have decided that God is guiding and He will provide (for what we NEED!)  We have not went without a meal (Hamburger Helper does count as a meal right?), been able to pay most of our bills.  We have sold quite a bit of our “stuff” to help pay our bills.  It has been difficult to let things go, realizing that we really didn’t need it, we wanted it!  The hardest thing has been my husband’s computer that he uses for his music and then our (42″tv last weekend).  We know that it is just “stuff” and it can be replaced.  I am getting restless and anxious and just wondering what God has next for us.  I am ready to get on with life, jobs, being busy!  It has been a time to fully trust in God and fully rely on HIM for everything.  He cares about us and promises to take care of us.  Please pray for Jon and I as we start into the next year.  Pray that we would find jobs and see clearly where God wants us to be (even if it is not where we see), pray that we will be able to pay our car payment for May and June, and pray that we will be able to get some money to put new tires on our vehicle soon!  “We commit our ways to the Lord, trust in Him, and He will do this” Psalms 37:5


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  1. kaylabelleingram

    wow. that is about all i have to say. praying for you guys. your faith seems so big; that is awesome!

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