What I have learned from having a Cyst

It has been one month since I went into a surgeon’s office to have a cyst removed. I noticed a bump growing on my stomach and had my primary doctor look at it and he said it was fine as long as it didn’t grow bigger or get infected. Well, on February 1st, I noticed that it was getting infected. I went to my dr. and he said that I need to have it removed. I was scared and nervous, but knew that I needed to have it done. So, in I went and the surgeon cut it out and stitched it up. I am just now back to a functioning normal. God has been speaking to me and helping me realize that the process I went through with my cyst is alot like stuff I have in me that I need to get out! I have things that get bigger and get infected, they hurt people, and I can try and squeeze and squeeze the bad stuff out, but really the only way to get it ALL OUT for good is to have it removed. The one area I have been trying to work on is the use of my words. I struggle with using words and how I speak them. I am really working on this area, especially with Jon. I know that I can’t ignore and expect things to get better. I must continuously ask God to take it OUT of me and remove it forever! I am grateful for a God of second chances and that I He loves me no matter what!


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  1. Robin

    Great post Sweetie! God is really showing you some things here I’m praying for you today to have victory in this area…love love love

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