Tag…You’re It

Today, Robin had a post to list 10 things about yourself. So, here I go

1. I love Jon, Jesus, and just about anyone (kidding, it just started with a J) ha ha

2.  I love to learn and have not stopped taking classes since I enrolled in K

3.  I was born and raised in AZ, ALL my family still lives there, except me

4. I love children and to be around them, and working with them brings me real JOY

5. I hate to talk on the phone

6. I like to run and be outside

7. I like music, and wish I could sing (good)

8. I don’t really like to cook

9. I love to watch (ALL) sports and play softball

10. I was Student Council President in High School


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One response to “Tag…You’re It

  1. Robin

    I don’t know how I missed this!!! I came over to see about your dad and found this post! I love it~
    (Cant believe you hate the phone too!)

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