I have subbed in three 5th grade classrooms this week. Man, I tell you what. The lack of respect the students had for each other and for me was something else.  The words that were said to each other and the way they were spoken was appalling to me. I love 5th graders, and the kid’s development stage, and the curriculum. But, I tell you after today, I am just to the point of not wanting to even sub anymore. It wears me out both physically and emotionally. I just hope that I can display to my own children, someday, how to respect another persons: younger, peer, or older.



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3 responses to “R E S P E C T

  1. Nicole

    A conversation with my super annoying kid yesterday:
    Me: Ok, we left off on page 192 yesterday
    Him: No duuhhhhh.
    Me: Get out.
    Him: What? What did I say?
    Me: Out.

    LOVE teaching…

  2. Yes, teaching (especially subbing) is a rollar coaster. Some days you love it, some days you hate it. And there are even good years and bad years. If you like 5th grade age, stick with it. Having your own classroom is WAY different than subbing. You can train your own students, but you cant do it in a day when you sub. Are you planning to be a teacher?

  3. I actually am a teacher. I have taught for 6 years, but took this year off. I am subbing to make some money, but hate it. I totally agree that you can train your own students, and it is a roller coaster ride.
    I just am amazed on how students act and have such disrespect for each other and adults. In AZ, my students had behavior issues, but they weren’t disrespectful. Where I am at now, my goodness, the students are soooo rude and disrespectful!

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