My thoughts

It is December 1st and I love Christmas and the holiday season. It is my very favorite part of the year.

I am having a hard time this year because of Jon and I not having a place of our own to decorate and enjoy the season.  It is hard to be in a place that is not your own and having it decorated, knowing that it’s not your own.  I miss our decorations and our Christmas smells that we create (cinnamon pinecones are my fav)

Another thing that is really tough for me this year is not having any money to buy the people that I love and care for gifts.  I know Christmas is not about presents, but I really enjoy giving gifts to the people I care about and love.  It is my way of expressing my love to others (my love language).  It is sad to me to think that I will not be able to do that this year.  Black Friday was hard, since I have always gone out and done most of my shopping on that day.  I stayed at home and enjoyed the TV/movies and being with my hubby.  

I have been and continue to pray for a peace and a stillness for me to be able to enjoy the holiday season despite the traditions that won’t be carried out this year.  I know that I will enjoy being with family and eating the foods my mom prepares.  I pray that I will overcome my sad thoughts, and rejoice in the blessings that I do have.

Hope you are all enjoying your holiday season and take some time to stop and enjoy the things that are most important!



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4 responses to “My thoughts

  1. Michelle,
    God hears your heart. My prayer is that you feel His hand on you and your hubby during this Christmas season.
    I LOVE GIVING GIFTS. We are VERY limited what we can do this year, so I feel your distress! Basically we are buying for our children and a couple other small gifts for nieces and nephews. For the first time in 26 years my husband and I did not buy each other gifts last year and are not planning on it this year. I was not really sure we could go through with it last year, but it was a necessity and we really came out good. Christmas morning was special with our girls.
    As we pare down I will be praying for your heart also!

  2. BTW, what a great header! How do you do that?

  3. We’re not able to buy much for Christmas presents this year either. It’s hard. But I am finding great joy in making presents, and find myself, overall, less stressed and more excited about giving, because I’ve put time into the gifts for my family. I think I actually might prefer it this way now. 🙂 Thanks for being so real about your struggles. I truly hope you can have a lot of joy this holiday. Perhaps being out of your normal holiday routine will help you to see Christmas in a new light.

  4. Robin

    Sweetie if it makes you feel any better I think the whole country is in this financial crunch in one way or the other. I’m gonna pray that God gives you joy this season in the most unusual ways… I know He’s not surprised at the place we all find ourselves and I believe He’s got plans for us to find joy in the midst…
    (I can’t believe you found Photo Christmas cards for 5 cents…way to go!)

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