Wishing I was in AZ

Tomorrow, Saturday, my sister and her husband will be going to the Mesa court to make the adoption of Andre and Marie final. Tomorrow is National Adoption Day, which means thousands of kids in the U.S. will be adopted into permanent families forever! So tomrrow at 10am I will officially have 2 nieces and 2 nephews. I am so excited and wish I could be there to take part.

Even more so, I can not wait until Jon and I get to go and make our adoption final someday. I know it will happen and God has the perfect child already picked out for us. It is waiting that is not easy.



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2 responses to “Wishing I was in AZ

  1. Joanna

    Oh, Michelle, my heart prays right along with you! I can honestly say, I feel your hurt and feel your pain, but as we both know, we serve the most amazing God EVER and as you always remind me, HE DOES GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEARTS! Praying your “adoption” day is sooner than later! Keep me posted on what’s happening! I know you are still trying to “settle in” and we’re praying for that as well!

  2. Michelle, your new neices and nephews are ADORABLE!!! I will start praying for you and your adoption.
    Please let me know if you EVER come down towards Atlanta, Robin, Kayla and I would love to meet you! You give the most uplifting comments and I always feel so encouraged by them!
    Have a blessed day. Love, R

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