Fountain drink obsession

32oz of crushed ice with Diet Coke just .69 (.74 with tax)
My obsession and comfort drink!
What is yours?



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4 responses to “Fountain drink obsession

  1. Robin

    That sounds good! But I love “bubble water” (la Croix) in the summer and coffee…coffee…coffee…when it’s chilly outside!

  2. Ruthie

    I am addicted to Diet Limeade at Sonic. They have happy hour every day and the drinks are half price. I get a route 44 and love every drop. I make myself drink all my water so I can enjoy that soda!

  3. Try crushed ginger on the rocks topped up with pineapple juice – a great drink in the Summer. It looks to be a warm one down here in Oz…

  4. Joanna

    Mine is a Starbucks Veinte (sp) Latte Breve! 🙂 My second in line is your .69 32 ounce Mountain Dew!

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