I read Luke 11:5-13 this morning and then tonight I came across this blog, (that I never have read coincidence here folks)

blog( reads:
Jesus shares the importance of persistence. This verse hit me today. I think I shy away from this concept…persistently seeking and asking God. I mean He knows everything right? It always seemed a little childish to keep asking or seeking God for specific things…maybe that is the point.

Jesus gives an example of persistence, and then He implies we do the same. Maybe persistence is so critical because it leads to greater expectation. Maybe that is why I feared being persistent because I expected so little.

God is asking me to ask Him for what I want. And not just ask, but ask PERSISTENTLY

I am asking God to lead Jon and I to a church where we can do ministry! A church where Jon can use his talent of leading worship and I can be involved in children’s ministry and we make new friends.
God please, we have been looking for 4 months now and we are ready and willing to go where You want us to go! We want to be a part of a church that has a vision of reaching and saving the lost. We want to live in a house with our two dogs again. We want to start a family of our own. God you know this, but I am asking specifically and persistently!

And I’m posting here, asking you, can you pray for us as well, persistently!



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4 responses to “Ask with PERSISTENCE!

  1. Praying for you this morning that a church will “surface” that is the perfect fit for the two of you. Thanks for coming by my blog and saying hi. 🙂

  2. Ginger

    Thinking about you and praying that God’s perfect plan for you and Jon will be revealed very soon. Hang in there. Love you!

  3. Ruthie

    I love the persistence, but I also love your specific prayers. “House with two dogs.” I think all those things matter to God. He really wants to give us the desires of our hearts or I believe He changes our desires. You go girl!

  4. robinrane

    Oh Michelle, I’m praying that the Father would bring you and Jon your answer…and soon! That He would open your eyes to His plan for you. That He would open doors that no man can close. And that He would blanket you with comfort as you wait on Him…

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