Jon and I visit the golden arches ALOT! and the main reason is because of the $1 dollar menu items.
We use it as our “night out” to eat because we spend only $7.34 when we go, and we get filled up!
Jon loves the double chesseburgers (no pickle or onion) and I love the fact I can get a large DC (diet coke) for only $1.00 It satisfies for now, and we love being able to go and spend the time together.
Sometimes it’s the little things!
What are your favorite little things? Do you like McDonalds?



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2 responses to “McDonalds

  1. robinrane

    Michelle, thanks for commenting on my blog! I’m praying for you and your husband and your desire for a family…in the mean time, you are so spot on in that sometimes it’s the little things…
    We just got a pay-cut and we’ve been getting back to simple things. I love McDonalds and used to eat there all the time…but the older I get the more careful I have to be about what I eat.
    For us, grilling out and watching a movie with our pups is a perfect Saturday night…

  2. Ruthie

    Michelle, thank you for your prayers. My heart cry was heard and my husband and I worked out a compromise. We are going to go together the first night and then I need to study for a certification test so I am going to stay the second night by myself and study. The time should help me. My friend, Robin, up above there, might go with me the second night!

    I do love McDonalds. I love a good hot fry or a kids hamburger with those little onions! Oh and I love their ice cream cones, they are only 150 calories. I don’t go often but when I do I love it.

    I love a place here called Five Guys Burgers and Fries. The hamburger is fine, it is the fries that make my heart sing and my feet do a little dance. 🙂 And then I hit the treadmill. lol

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