The things I miss

Jon and I have lived in a 12×12 bedroom since mid-July. All of our stuff is in a storage unit.
Here are some of the things I miss about having our own place to live.
1. King size bed
2. own bathroom
3. HD T.V.
4. making dinner for the 2 of us
5. cleaning the house (I know it sounds crazy, but I do)
6. privacy
7. our couches
8. our house decor
9. getting our Fall decor items out right now
10. my clothes and all my shoes

I take for granted the things I have and the convenience of them.
Some days are better than others, but today I missed my (our) stuff!



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2 responses to “The things I miss

  1. Ruthie

    I so understand those feelings but mine relate to my daughter, Kayla, who just left for college. I would give anything to see her eyes roll, her shutter of disgust at some of my motherly suggestions. I wish I could wash her clothes. I miss getting our toes painted together, shopping at Old Navy and Target. I miss my hugs today. She is an amazing young woman and I am glad she has the desire to be independent and “find herself”.

  2. robinrane

    Hi Michelle, I found your blog on Ruthie’s blogroll. I’m praying for you today. I’m in a different place in that I’m an “empty nester”, as of today, and my 4 bedrom house feels big and empty. I keep threatening to get rid of 3/4 of our stuff and downsize. But you made me think. I pray that in a very short time you’ll look back on this stage in your journey with a smile seeing all the things God was up to~ Blessings.

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