Who are we to critique?

So, Jon and I have been going to a church here for a few weeks now.  We like the style of music and the speaker is good.  It has just been so hard for us to find a church to attend, since we know we will be moving away soon (hopefully very soon).  We took a few weeks off after Journey closed and were away for a few. We decided we would attend this church. It is a more traditional church with an edgy service added to the Sunday morning schedule.  The only problem is we find ourselves, since Jon is a worship leader and I am a children’s director, critiquing the methods.  I try so hard not to, and I know for Jon it is harder because he is engaged in the worship for 4/5 songs every week.  It is another reminded that we need to continue to pray for direction and rely on Him and just enjoy the time of worship.


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  1. Ruthie

    Michelle I think God knows your heart and I do think it is hard to get past the technical part when it is your expertise. It sounds like you and your husband have great hearts!

    Annie was a great movie! Thanks, 🙂

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