Garage Sales

Ten things that bug me about garage sales:

1. getting up early

2. having to put a price on every item

3. getting nothing for something you think you should get more from

4. people who think they can walk in your garage to look at stuff that is NOT for sale

5. when something is already $1 and they say both for $1 or .50 cents

6. drive by (they slowly drive by looking at what you have and then drive away real fast)

7. they comment, “is this all you have for sale”

8.  putting signs up

9. having to take the signs down

10.  not making very much for so much work, and for selling stuff that was worth WAY more money!

do you like having garage sale?

do you like going to garage sales?


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One response to “Garage Sales

  1. All that you said is what Garage Sales are about. It reminds you that junk is junk. People are people and time is precious. I do love having garage sales and going to them! H

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