So, I go to the doctor a couple weeks ago and ask him about a couple moles that I have that looked a little “different”.  He said, they look fine, but if you want them removed we can. I thought, sure, why not, they are in the path of my bra straps and how much could it really hurt to have them removed?!                           Well, last Thursday I went in and he froze one off and cut the other and put 3 stitches in.  I don’t know if I am a baby or what, but I am just now back in regular working order. The frozen one hurt so bad at the actual time it was done. The one with the 3 stitches are still giving me trouble.  I hope it is all worth it when it is all healed up. “I have to say though my hubby was good to me and took care of me, that was almost worth the trouble”


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