He knows exactly what I need

I know I shouldn’t be surprised or shocked every time this happens, but it does. God always knows exactly what I need and provides what we need.  Jon and I have been in the ministry pretty much since we have been married. The last 3 years we have been part of church plants, which means we raise our own support. We have been living on my teacher’s salary with a little help from monthly supporters.  The past few months have been really rough for us financially since Journey Church has closed.  So, it has been just my teacher’s salary and now, not even that, since I resigned.  We have trusted God to provide and we have done some little jobs to get some extra money.   Even so, God has provided us with the exact amount that we need each month.  It has been hard and I have to confess that sometimes I doubt, but God loves us so much to take care of all our needs.  I thank Jesus everyday for the things that I have, the things that I do not have, and for the needs He will provide for tomorrow. Thank you Lord for taking care of me and for knowing about my needs even before I know about them, and even more that you meet them in your perfect way!


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  1. Hey God’s Girl…Just found your blog….Said a little prayer for you, your finances, job hunting and adoption process….

    Be Blessed,

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