For the Labor Day weekend Jon and I drove to Cincinnati, which is only about 3 hours away. Neither one of us had been there so it was fun to just explore. We drove to the river and went to the Aquarium and walked up and down the river and had lunch. It was fun. Then, we stayed at the Hyatt and we drove around and went to several different malls in the area. We love to drive around and explore different places. Jon’s favorite mall was the one with the Mac Store in it, of course! Mine was the one with the Wilson Leather outlet store, because they had the purse I have been wanting 🙂 and it was only $20!
It was a great time of being together and relaxing. How was your 3 day weekend?


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  1. tam

    Ahhh – yeah, your weekend here has anyones beat! I commented over at Jon’s blog the same – when most of us stayed at home and BBQ’d…I’d much rather be on a trip somewhere…I love to get away. My husband is a Worship Pastor and all the Pastors at our Fellowship try real hard to take every 6th to 8th weekend off. So when ours comes around we try to make a quiet but swift exit 😉

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